Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nurse Jackie Season 3 Preview

Premiere: Monday, March 28th at 10 PM ET/PT
30 Minutes, 12 Episodes
Picking up right where she left off, Jackie takes the contents of the medicine cabinet, throws it in a laundry bag and dumps it at Kevin’s  feet. She attacks him right back about spending, the girls’ school and her bad back – she’s no drug addict. Akalitus  announces that nearby hospitals have closed down and that the staff should remain on their toes. A hungover Sam  is now totally beholden to Jackie and Thor  for their help. Post intervention, things are tense with O’Hara  and Jackie, and O’Hara goes to Akalitus hoping to avoid working with Jackie. Dr. Cooper  avoids Sam and treats a little boy who stuck a small mirror up his nose, trying to see his brain. Zoey confesses to everyone that she and Lenny  had sex. Kevin enrolls Fiona  in Immaculate Virgin and shows up unannounced at the ER, causing a stir and freaking out Eddie  and Jackie. After her shift, Jackie shows up at the softball field to cheer Kevin and his bar team on. Things are strained, but she’s not showing it.


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