Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nurse Jackie Review: The Same Old Story...

Is it bad that I was hoping Kevin actually had left his family this week, as Nurse Jackie briefly teased?
I don't want Grace and Fiona to be without their father, but at least such a major development would have made "Mittens" remotely relevant. Instead, we were treated to another episode that just felt like the show spinning its drug-addicted wheels.
Ever since we met Jackie Peyton, she's hidden a drug habit from those around her. And if you stop to think about it, has anything really changed since the series premiere?
It appeared as though Kevin and O'Hara's intervention would be a significant step to conclude season two, but any trace of suspense regarding Jackie and her relationship with her husband and her Bff has pretty much disappeared.
Jackie and O'Hara are officially fine again now; and Kevin may have a few suspicions, and he may be taking advantage »

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