Thursday, March 17, 2011

Edie Falco on TV’s New Beauty Standard

Eddie Falco as Jackie Peyton
When Speakeasy recently interviewed Edie Falco, we were curious to know if the actress agrees with those who say that television has entered a new golden age. If that’s true, one could argue that Falco, who won Emmys for her roles on “The Sopranos” and “Nurse Jackie,” has aided the rise of cable dramas. “I tend not to think in overviews like that. I just don’t have a brain that works like that. But I suppose so,” Falco said. “There are so many shows with women as the lead characters. And though they are all stunningly beautiful, they are not beautiful in the way that television stars needed to be back in the day. That’s fantastic to me.”
Is film work less appealing to Falco than it once was, given the outstanding writing on cable shows? “I don’t think about the genre so much,” she said. “I have to keep bringing it back to the story. What is the story and who am I playing in it? If that was happening in film right now, that’s where I’d be. If it’s happening in television, which it seems to be, that’s where I’ll be.” Falco did admit that the opportunity to play a character over a long period is an “added attraction” of television work. “There’s something magical and captivating about that for me,” she said. “It seems like a huge luxury to get to be so many dimensions of these characters.”
Article copy from the Speakeasy site of TWSJ 

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