Sunday, April 24, 2011

New "Nurse Jackie" tomorrow night at 10pm on Showtime

To all Nurse Jackie fans there a new episode of our favorite show tomorrow night at 10pm.You can only find Nurse Jackie on Showtime.Episode 5 Called "Rat Falls". Jackie is on edge after realizing the stash of pills she stole from Bill the epileptic drug dealer is quickly dwindling. With a head of steam, Jackie confronts Eddie about his recent text exchanges with Kevin's younger sister, Tunie. Eddie maintains that it's completely innocent, while making the point that Jackie has no leg to stand on. Coop remains determined to battle O'Hara for the ER Chief title, but suffers a huge emotional blow when his mothers announce they're divorcing. Lou, the down-on-his-luck salesman, returns to the ER much worse for the wear. Akalitus enlists Jackie and Thor to help her ferry the Virgin Mary statue to Eddie's storage room, where it will be safe from repossession during the Catholic Church's impending de-consecration. Later, Jackie and O'Hara spar over whether to confront a belligerent mother who's making false claims about her daughter's need for treatment in order to stay on public assistance. At the end of a long, grueling day Jackie hits a new low when she makes her first illicit drug transaction with Bill. 

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