Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nurse Jackie Episode 3.4 Review: Jackie Sinks Deeper, While Akalitus Rocks

You know you’ve hit rock bottom when you start hiding drugs in the laundry or raiding a group of nuns for your lost stash. Nurse Jackie sunk to a different kind of low in “Mitten.” Once again, she’s hidden drugs in a place where it could have been easily accessible to her children. This time the drugs were mixed up in a good will box with her daughter’s baptismal clothes. You can’t really call it an “all-new” low. After all, Jackie Peyton’s (Edie Falco) slapped food out of her child’s hand because it had drugs in it; she’s also kept a secret romance at work and a secret husband at home.
It’s good to see Jackie and O’Hara (Eve Best) playing nice again. The fiery-eyed beef between the two was great to see for a few episodes, but the humor wins »

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