Tuesday, April 12, 2011

'Nurse Jackie' recap: God, The Devil & Zoey

Kevin's hot sister is pretty annoying but we'll see how that goes. She'll be staying with the Peytons for a few weeks, so I guess most of this season? She's a trainwreck, and possibly will be dating Eddie. Nothing else of note is really happening with home life this week.

What is going on, though, is: Everything is super weird. If this were the new tone of the show I think that would be a great move, because this episode managed to be both funnier and more acidic than usual, while still maintaining a sort of grace that generally doesn't happen on this show. And lots and lots of weirdness. Like, God steals a piano off the street and hauls it into All Saints so that he can counsel Zoey about her Lenny love life... While playing the piano. That kind of thing. Sort of a Northern Exposure cuteness to everything. Akalitus getting into it with this priest who is going to be removing all the statues from the chapel, because it turns out the chapel hasn't been consecrated since the '70s, which seems like a major thematic move for this show, is treated about equally lightly as the guy with a shishkebab skewer through his face, or Thor taking over Coop's fantasy football team.

One of the more enjoyable episodes, I would say, of the series. Which is funny because there weren't really any jokes or anything, just this pervading sense of lightness in a show usually quite happy to simmer in its own filth. And what's weirdest is that it was written by Linda Wallem, who is one of the creators of the show, so the intent behind all this is even stranger and harder to pin down. Here's hoping some of this magic sticks around.
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