Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nurse Jackie Season Three Interview: Eve Best

Eve Best
Up fourth and final is Eve Best, who plays British doctor and Jackie's best friend Eleanor O'Hara, whose droll humor and disdain for stupidity is matched only by her respect and affection for Jackie herself.
How does Nurse Jackie get back into the business of popping pills?  
Eve Best - There’s a lot of burring that goes on.  It’s very good that it’s quite like real life that it’s not the Disney World version where everyone has a huge fight, and says exactly what they think of one another.  And actually it doesn’t happen at all and, like Dominic said, it goes back to business. With a lot of extracurricular subtext going on and it’s good to really have this happen.  Never have that confrontation, and everything gets buried as everyone walks around with this huge Kryptonite on their chest, as everyone does.

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