Monday, April 4, 2011

Nurse Jackie titled " Enough Rope" Episode 2 airs tonight

Tonight Nurse Jackie is called "Enough Rope" airs April 4, 2011 Tonight at 10pm on Showtime.Below is the is the show plot.

"Nurse Jackie" Enough Rope (2011)

Eddie tells Jackie he can't keep lying to Kevin, whom he now considers a real friend. Akalitus announces that All Saints is vying for a visit from Michelle Obama and confides to Jackie that O'Hara is looking for work at another hospital. Coop tries to bury the hatchet with Sam. The rift between Jackie and O'Hara softens when Jackie tells her that she'll follow her to any hospital just to be near her. Kevin tells Jackie his buddy Eddie called and is out of a job and asks if she can put in a good word for him at All Saints.Written by Showtime Publicity

Calling All Saints - Nurse Jackie Fancast episode 2 coming soon.Thank you for downloading past shows.You can find new episodes here or iTunes and podbean.

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