Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nurse Jackie Review: "When the Saints Go"

I've been down on Nurse Jackie for most of the season - and "When the Saints Go" didn't exactly feel me with hope that the show is going anywhere - which likely makes these reviews disheartening for fans of the series to read.
So allow me to focus on the positives from the latest episode instead for a change:

Peter Facinelli is hilarious. He cracks me up as Coop, even if his scenes just feel like filler until the story can shift back to Jackie. She took his crutch away out of love, right? Great stuff.
Zoey and Lenny 4 Eva! The former might finally be giving in to the latter's charm and loyalty. Loved the little smirk on her face, the one she just couldn't hold back, when Lenny quickly disposed of that female patient's number.
Vulnerability from Jackie. She's getting almost difficult to like these days, isn't she? So»
- matt@mediavine.com (Matt Richenthal)

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