Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Peter Facinelli on a 'whole different' Coop on Nurse Jackie

Peter Facinelli sounded a little exhausted when EW chatted with him on the phone last week — as he well should be. The actor has been flying to and from the set of Breaking Dawn in Vancouver, where the cast is filming “second unit” scenes (like stunts). What gives him an energy boost? Talking about what’s next for Coop on Showtime’s Nurse Jackie, following a big, life-changing moment for the doc on tonight’s episode. He explains (Spoilers ahead)

Entertainment Weekly: So I hear something big is coming up for Coop this week. What can you tell us? 
PETER FACINELLI: A bomb gets exploded in Coop’s life. He finds out that his two moms — who are basically his whole world — are getting a divorce. He gets blindsided by it, because he doesn’t see it coming at all. You know, Coop doesn’t take it well, and it spirals into a depression. It’s kind of sad for me to play that because Coop’s so energetic and hyper all the time. To have to play him in a funk it kind of sad.
- Sandra Gonzalez

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