Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nurse Jackie Review: "Rat Falls"

So here's my question: does someone like Bill, the drug dealer who claims to help clients by ensuring they hit rock bottom, actually exist in the real world?
If so, I'll consider Jackie's reaching out to him on "Rat Falls" an interesting development. If not, such a character is a rather lame plot device that signals what desperate shapeNurse Jackie is in as it tries to mix things up.
Even with Jackie scoring a new stash with Bill, though, the episode lacked any progress or cliffhanger. Bill claims people go to him when rehab and other attempts at getting clean fail.
But Jackie has no interest in getting clean. She just needs more pills. Bill may act strange and his profession may be shady, but the show hasn't given me any reason to believe he'll play any kind of role in Jackie's future aside from someone who feeds her habit

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