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Nurse Jackie Promo & Clips: "Enough Rope"

Nurse Jackie returned for a third season this week with a few relationships changed.
O'Hara is angry at Jackie; Kevin is distrusting of his wife; and Zoey had sex with Lenny.
On next week's new episode, "Enough Rope," we'll see Jackie feel badly when O'Hara considers a new job, Eddie tell his ex-lover that he must be honest with her husband, and Akalitus announce that Michele Obama might stop by for a visit.

Nurse Jackie' exec teases new character

The executive producer of Nurse Jackie has dropped hints about a new character on the show. Speaking to TV Guide, Liz Brixius explained that the arrival of a nurse called Kelly (Gbenga Akinnagbe) could cause problems for Jackie (Edie Falco). Brixius explained that Kelly will soon make friends with the rest of the staff and will refuse to bow to Jackie's demands. "This is a guy that she's not going to be able to....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Watercooler: Nurse Jackie is Back

What a clusterfudge, indeed.
Showtime's She-House kicked off its third season, and things are just not looking good for Nurse Jackie...the person. Which is great for Nurse Jackie, the show.
Picking up seconds after last season's finale, Jackie was in full spin mode to throw her hubby and best gal pal O'Hara off the scent of her pill-popping, narcotic-snorting ways. But for all the fibs she fed them (convincingly, natch), there was no stopping one major truth from coming out after her husband, Kevin, still miffed about Jackie's financial fumblings, paid a visit to All Saints hospital.

'Nurse Jackie has no rock bottom,' says exec

The executive producer of Nurse Jackie has suggested that Jackie doesn't have a "rock bottom". Speaking to E! Online, Liz Brixius joked that Jackie has already risked so much because of her addiction to prescription drugs. "Jackie doesn't have a rock bottom," she said. "I can't figure out what it is yet. "She has risked her marriage, she has risked custody of her kids, what will stop her? I don't know. I don't know what could possibly stop her. Something would, but those things are always very mysterious." Brixius, who (more)

'Nurse Jackie' Season 3, Episode 1 (Season Premiere) Recap

['Nurse Jackie' - 'Game On']
The Season 3 premiere of 'Nurse Jackie' opened on the other side of Kevin and O'Hara's poorly planned intervention, with Jackie locked in her personal drug haven: A bathroom.
Staring into the family medicine cabinet mirror, her mind racing, she began a frantic search for pills, and then proof that the charges on her secret credit card bill weren't for drugs, but toiletries.
Who told you you're allowed to rain on Jackie Peyton's parade? The Barbra Streisand tune perfectly matched our heroine's mounting adrenaline and agitation.
While the rest of the episode didn't live up to such a satisfying opening scene (or the wry punch of the last one), the writers and director Steve Buscemi gave us plenty of bright spots.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Peter Facinelli’s video diary from the set of ’Nurse Jackie’ Season Three

The third season of the hit Showtime series Nurse Jackie begins tomorrow (Monday, March 28th at 10:00 p.m. Est/Pst).
In preparation, Peter Facinelli ("Dr. Fitch Cooper" in the series) has done, once again, a behind-the-scenes video diary from the set of the show.
The three-part video series is attached. Also added is Peter Facinelli's "Bloody Nose" discussion video in which he discusses what fans can expect to see from Coop this go-round.
(Note: If you haven't already seen the trailer for Season Three of Nurse Jackie, check that out here.) has a synopsis of the first two seasons of Nurse Jackie, for those who haven't been watching, and the site also refreshes fans on "Nurse Jackie" 's plight at the end of Season Two as follows:
The Showtime Original Series N »
- thetwilightexaminer

Nurse Jackie cliffhanger to be resolved “The truth is finally catching up,” goes the tagline in the season three trailer for “Nurse Jackie”. The critically acclaimed Showtime series will resume on Monday after months on hiatus, to resolve the season two cliffhanger, which hinted at an intervention.
Says Jackie’s secret ex-lover, Eddie in the season three trailer, “Anyone who knows you knows they don’t know you.” The conclusion of season two found Jackie’s inner circle (husband Kevin and best friend Dr. O’Hara) finally piecing together that Jackie’s suspicious behavior may be related to an addiction.
As if the addiction alone were not enough, pharmacist-slash-dealer-slash-jealous-ex-slash-scary-stalker Eddie continues to maintain a deceptive relationship with Kevin, further complicating Jackie’s life. Yet, season three may not be all drama—alongside heightening angst surrounding Jackie, viewers can also expect the comic relief supplied by mainstays nurse Zoey, administrator Gloria, and Dr. »
- Kim Palacios

Nurse Jackie season three ends on a shocker, some thoughts

Slight Spoilers The new season of Showtime's noir dramedy "Nurse Jackie" doesn't get sappy and maudlin on us, thankfully. We left off at a stage intervention with O'Hara (Eve Best) and her husband (Dominic Fumusa) where Jackie refuses to admit her problem. Like many functioning addicts, as she hasn't truly bottomed out yet, and is "A-okay" in her mind. The season is head and shoulders better than the last one for me, and without spoilers, the staged intervention - if it had somehow worked - would have killed the realistic day in the life twists and turns of All Saints' Hospital in New York City that drew me to the series in the first place. Season 3 »
- April MacIntyre

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nurse Jackie' Season 3 Review and Video: More of the Same

Nothing ever really happens on Nurse Jackie. The show's second season ended with drug-addicted Jackie's husband and best friend staging an intervention, offering hope that the show might actually move the story forward. Season 3 (premiering Monday, March 28 at 10pm on Showtime) destroys that hope and puts everything back to where it was before.
Jackie's entire life is built on lies, whether it's about her drug use, her affair with Eddie or the fact that her co-workers don't even know she's married. When the show dares to try and expose one of these lies, another one just pops up in its place. »

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nurse Jackie, Californication soon to be dropped from Netflix Streaming

Popular Showtime shows, Nurse Jackie and Californication, are set to be dropped from Netflix streaming as part of new deal. Instead, these shows will only be available via the Showtime Anytime broadband service and will only be available to Showtime customers. 
According to The Wrap, the length of new deal is not known and starts this summer. Netflix's spokesperson simply stated the deal was "ongoing" and declined further comment. Series that have completed, such as The Tudors or Brotherhood, will continue to be streamed to Netflix subscribers. 
Showtime's Anytime broadband is a prime example of the threat that streaming poses to paid TV channels. Cable providers should feel threatened, many customers (myself included) have dropped their premium channels. It only made sense to me because Netflix has greatly expanded its online offerings thanks to deals with Starz and Epix. The days of Showtime and HBO dominating the cable world are over. 

She's a Good Liar: Dominic Fumusa

Her First Intervention: Paul Schulze

Nurse Jackie Favorite Moments

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nurse Jackie Season 3 Preview

Premiere: Monday, March 28th at 10 PM ET/PT
30 Minutes, 12 Episodes
Picking up right where she left off, Jackie takes the contents of the medicine cabinet, throws it in a laundry bag and dumps it at Kevin’s  feet. She attacks him right back about spending, the girls’ school and her bad back – she’s no drug addict. Akalitus  announces that nearby hospitals have closed down and that the staff should remain on their toes. A hungover Sam  is now totally beholden to Jackie and Thor  for their help. Post intervention, things are tense with O’Hara  and Jackie, and O’Hara goes to Akalitus hoping to avoid working with Jackie. Dr. Cooper  avoids Sam and treats a little boy who stuck a small mirror up his nose, trying to see his brain. Zoey confesses to everyone that she and Lenny  had sex. Kevin enrolls Fiona  in Immaculate Virgin and shows up unannounced at the ER, causing a stir and freaking out Eddie  and Jackie. After her shift, Jackie shows up at the softball field to cheer Kevin and his bar team on. Things are strained, but she’s not showing it.


Nurse Jackie "Queen of Pop" promo poster

"Nurse Jackie": Queen Of Pop

Sneak Peek new posters supporting Showtime's Season 3 of the 'black comedy' medical drama "Nurse Jackie", starring Edie Falco ("The Sopranos") as 'Jackie Peyton', an ER nurse at New York City's 'All Saints' Hospital' 

"...For Jackie, every day is a high wire act of juggling patients, doctors, fellow nurses and her own indiscretions..."

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Edie Falco on TV’s New Beauty Standard

Eddie Falco as Jackie Peyton
When Speakeasy recently interviewed Edie Falco, we were curious to know if the actress agrees with those who say that television has entered a new golden age. If that’s true, one could argue that Falco, who won Emmys for her roles on “The Sopranos” and “Nurse Jackie,” has aided the rise of cable dramas. “I tend not to think in overviews like that. I just don’t have a brain that works like that. But I suppose so,” Falco said. “There are so many shows with women as the lead characters. And though they are all stunningly beautiful, they are not beautiful in the way that television stars needed to be back in the day. That’s fantastic to me.”
Is film work less appealing to Falco than it once was, given the outstanding writing on cable shows? “I don’t think about the genre so much,” she said. “I have to keep bringing it back to the story. What is the story and who am I playing in it? If that was happening in film right now, that’s where I’d be. If it’s happening in television, which it seems to be, that’s where I’ll be.” Falco did admit that the opportunity to play a character over a long period is an “added attraction” of television work. “There’s something magical and captivating about that for me,” she said. “It seems like a huge luxury to get to be so many dimensions of these characters.”
Article copy from the Speakeasy site of TWSJ 

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We are happy to announce that the Calling All Saints-Nurse Jackie podcast has been approved for Itunes for downloading. Feel free to download and spread the word. We hope that you join us for episode one of Calling All Saints Nurse Jackie Fancast after the season three premier of Nurse Jackie on March 28th.

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The Season 3 Title Ep 1

Episode 1 of season 3 title "Game On". We hope that you are watching I know we will be. And you with join us after the episode airs.